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Total amount of authors

3 605

Total amount of art

65 544

Average price increase compared to the startingprice

133 %

Average final price inhammerauctions(2022)

336 351 CZK

Average final price inonlineauctions(2022)

3 021 CZK


Eva Adamcová
2 artworks
Milan Adamčiak
17 artworks
František Adamec
1 artwork
Alfred Adamek
1 artwork
Miroslav Adámek
2 artworks
Rudolf Adámek
13 artworks
Josef Adamíček
6 artworks
Karel Adamus
31 artworks
Egon Adler
1 artwork
Manuel Adsuara
1 artwork
Yaacov Agam
12 artworks
Edoer Agostini
1 artwork
Doug Aitken
2 artworks
Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz
1 artwork
Suekichi Akaba
1 artwork
Milan Albich
84 artworks
Mikoláš Aleš
35 artworks
Gennadij Alexandrov
4 artworks
Janko Alexy
2 artworks
Rudolf von Alt
1 artwork

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