Rental of conference and exhibition space

Modern conference rooms with a long tradition and the unmistakable atmosphere of a building from 1925.

Universal, yet unique, located in the very heart of Prague.

The genius loci of Topič Salon is suitable not only for exhibitions of contemporary or older art, but also for holding social events of various kinds – from conferences, to educational programs, seminars, cultural activities, and parties.

The premises can be arranged according to your requirements and ideas. You can also lease only parts of the Salon. The entire building is barrier-free.

We offer the possibility of leasing a multifunctional educational hall with a capacity of up to 100 seats in the famous Topič Salon. The hall is ideal for lectures, concerts, conferences, and social events. It is also possible to lease the adjoining space which has an area of nearly 200 m2, a bar and a view directly on to one of Prague’s main arteries, Národní Street.

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