Auction Rules - Internet Auction Rules

Basic information

1. Art Consulting Brno CZ, s.r.o., registered office in Brno, Lerchova 299/7, Company ID: 60715553, VAT ID: CZ60715553, is engaged in sales based on an intermediary contract pursuant to the Civil Code as amended.

Auctioned items can be viewed in the gallery of 1. Art Consulting – Prague 1, Národní třída 9, Postcode 110 00, Topičův salon.

Items are marked and described, including the lowest price (starting price) listed on the company's website (

Bidders make bids for the items offered in the amounts listed in the table of minimum bids, which is available in the section How to bid in an online auction. Items offered are sold to the highest bidder. In addition to the price of the item, the buyer (the bidder) is charged an auction fee of 20% of the final price.

Bids and limit settings are always binding. According to the conditions of the auction, the bidder is obliged to pay the price of the item and take it over. In the event of a failure to meet the contractual conditions, and thus hindering the auction, damages will be sought in line with the applicable legal regulations.  

If a bid is made within the final one minute of the auction, the scheduled end time is extended by one minute. The end time of the auction is extended for as long as bids are made.

Data provided during the registration is not published and is subject to consumer protection regulations.

Unless stated otherwise, the condition of the items offered corresponds to the time since their creation. Colours shown in photographs may not always correspond to reality.

The buyer must be over 18 years of age.

Conditions for participation

Duly completed form Bidder Registration or login through an existing account.

Method of payment

  1. wire transfer

  2. in cash in the company’s galleries

Bank account details

Bank Name:

Komerční banka, Brno - město

Account holder:

1. Art Consulting Brno CZ

Account No.:


Variable symbol:

Your personal number (ID)

Payment details:

author’s name or item codes





Payment must be made within 10 days at the latest from the date of sale.

The auctioneer is obliged to take over the paid object obtained by auctioning no later than 40 days after the auction, unless otherwise agreed with the auction house. After this period, the auctioned items will be stored by the auction house or a third party at the auctioneer's expense and responsibility.

The auctioneer is then charged a storage fee of 0.5% of the amount for which he auctioned the items in question for each day of storage. If the total amount of the storage fee reaches or exceeds the price of the item(s) for which the auctioneer auctioned the item(s), the auctioneer agrees that the auction house is entitled to sell these items or offer them again in the auction in order to offset the costs incurred with the storage of the auctioned items.

Purchased items will be issued immediately upon payment and the buyer will receive a "confirmation of payment". Upon agreement, items may be dispatched to the stated a custom destination.

Bidders may purchase any item even without registration if they

  1. issue a written power of attorney for 1. Art Consulting Brno – Jiří Rybář for representation
  2. determine which items they wish to purchase
  3. set the price limit for each item separately