Topič Salon is the longest-running private gallery in Prague. Its existence dates back to 1894.

This small, rather simple building with an elongated floor plan and a glazed iron ceiling structure designed by architect Jan Zeyer resembled industrial architecture, which so fascinated the 19th century with its modern construction possibilities. From the very beginning, the publisher Topič and his consultant and artist Viktor Oliva tried to infuse his version of modernity also into art exhibitions, confronting Czech and European contemporary art: the extensive Exhibition of Graphic Arts in 1896 featured, for instance, 60 European graphic artists, including Toulouse-Lautrec, Rops, and Vogeler. The Czech art scene was represented by the works of the “cosmopolitans” Luděk Marold and Alfons Mucha, and the salon twice exhibited the collective work of Mikoláš Alš, to whom the emerging generation of Mánes modernism looked up.

In the era of the Communist government, the building was renamed the Czechoslovak Writer’s Exhibition Hall. Then, following a 15-year break, it reopened under the management of 1. Art Consulting s.r.o., which clearly followed the tradition of the late 19th century and which also operates the auction house.

Thanks to the renovation, today you can visit the salon and admire the main hall with its glass iron ceiling, and especially the works exhibited under it. In the adjoining areas of the main hall, there are several exhibition rooms, which are chiefly used for the needs of the auction house, but also as stand-alone exhibition spaces used for short-term rentals and exhibitions.

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