Information about Cookies

Cookies are tiny text files containing short data that can be stored on the user’s device when visiting a website. We use cookies on our website for these purposes:

  • remembering signed-in users;
  • ensuring comfortable web functions;
  • evaluating behaviour of users on the website;
  • obtaining voluntary feedback from users;
  • personalising ad delivery.

All personal data is processed in a lawful and transparent way, and only adequate, relevant, and necessary data related to the purpose of the processing is required. We store your personal data securely and never sell it to third parties. So that we can offer only the best content, we use high-quality third-party tools. These tools process some of your personal data solely for the purpose of manufacturing and sending orders, delivering shipments, targeting communication, or improving the quality of our services. These tools include:

  • Facebook Ireland Limited – online advertising
  • Google Ireland Limited – website behaviour analysis, online advertising in Adwords
  •, a.s. – online advertising in Sklik
  • Mailchimp, US – e-mail marketing