Awards for paintings and works of art

Are you considering selling works of art or do you only want to know their price? We will ensure valuation, expert opinion, or professional consultation. Take this opportunity and send us information along with photographs. Our team of experts will conduct an expert opinion and consultation free of charge. We also ensure valuation of entire collections or estates.

Documents for valuation by e-mail

So that we can best evaluate your item through data communication without the need for a personal meeting, please follow these few basic rules:

1. Take photographs of the item in the highest quality possible

Try to take pictures of the item in the highest possible resolution in daylight. Blurred or too dark photos are unsuitable for the purpose of evaluation. The better the photo you send us, the easier we can evaluate your item. We require colour photographs. Try to take photographs against a monochrome background – a wall or a table.

2. Take photographs of important details

Photograph all the important details of the item separately (e.g., author’s signature, labels with descriptions, inscriptions, back of the item, various markings e.g., machines details for mechanical objects, etc.). Also take a picture of any damage you find. The appraiser needs to know these details to make an appropriate evaluation.

3. Provide us with more details

If possible, state the author’s name, item title, dating, materials used, painting technique, dimensions, etc. If there is any interesting information related to the item (e.g., about its origin, presentation at exhibitions, references in professional literature, etc.), share these details with us because they are important and also increase the value of the item.