Investing in art

The financial market is recognised as one of the most innovative marketplaces in the world.

New products emerge year after year. The well-structured ones remain stable in our clients’ portfolios, as these are appreciated even in those times when the financial markets stagnate.

Investing in art is one investment option. Fine art has become a popular alternative investment in structured portfolios, whether viewed as an investment opportunity or for its aesthetics and collector value.

Apart from organising art auctions and gallery sales, we have assisted our clients and investors in building high-quality art collections whose value has grown over time. We provide consultancy for individual acquisitions and create long-term collection plans. We build the portfolio corresponding to the options and preferences of each client and strive to diversify it. Through our extensive experience and contacts, we arrange the purchase of works from foreign collectors and foreign auctions. We only provide advice following a personal consultation. We approach our clients and their requirements individually, adhering to the policy of private trade, which is based on confidentiality. Over many years of trading in art, we have acquired a wealth of experience and collaborated with an extensive network of certified collectors, galleries, artists and art experts.